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We’ve worked very hard to get this product dialed in for maximum EPC and Value..
Inside your customers will find loads of content related to affiliate marketing in general, but its further broken down into 5 additional bonus info courses that really help explode the benefits of starting an online business...

this along with a nice actionable system resultes in a happy cusotmer, and happy customers = more money in the long run for everyone. 

We’ve also worked hard on the marketing to make sure you, as an affiliate will see amazing results in your promotions. We’ve split tested 50,000 clicks from our internal list, as well as network traffic.. we've got the funnel dialed in to well over $1.00 epc... 

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  • You will not engage in any negative marketing. This means no marketing in which you use negative words in order to get attention then promote the product with your affiliate link.
  • You are not allowed to purchase the product under your own affiliate link.
  • Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use search engine PPC or other keyword based advertising targeting "ClickBank" or "Explode y Payday" as keywords.